Tasked with designing labels and boxes for craft brew the Hop Concept, the agency Experiences for Mankind created bottle packaging that spotlights aroma and taste. Browsing the beverage case, the consumer is presented with short, descriptive summaries on sparely illustrated boxes, each graced with a picture of a large hop. The descriptions include “Citrus and Piney,” “Lemon and Grassy” and “Dank and Sticky.”

Beer Packaging

The concept is carried over into promotional items like hop-shaped coasters that evoke car air fresheners and “Dank and Sticky” T-shirts. Print advertising features characters with big noses inhaling the different beers’ aromas.

The Hop Concept plans on releasing new beers every few months. It will continue to forego names for each brew, simply describing flavors and aromas on the bottle packaging. “Dank and Sticky” and “Citrus and Piney” have already been released. The other two parts of the quartet are “Lemon and Grassy,” which comes out in August, and “Tropical and Juicy,” appearing in November.

h/t: http://www.thedieline.com/blog/2015/4/22/the-hop-concept-brand-launch

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