Soda pop giants The Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo are both in the process of introducing new products sweetened with stevia as opposed to corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. And, of course, with new products comes new packaging.

Coca Cola Life and Pepsi True are both to be sold in labeling that otherwise resembles preexisting cans: classic with cursive writing and swirled design for Coca Cola, and modern, geometric and simplistic for Pepsi.

In terms of color, the Coca Cola Life branding uses a darker hunter green shade, whereas the Pepsi True packaging features a vibrant, lighter green. Both use green for the background and white for the typeface.

061714coke101714_pepsiThe fonts used also appear in the same style as the rest of their respective packaging. Both brands utilize a hand-drawn style of font with Coca Cola’s in cursive and Pepsi’s in bold type capital print.


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