PaperWorks Industries Inc. has created an innovative packaging design—a paperboard beer carton with a retractable handle.

Les Brasseurs of West Shefford Brewing Company asked PaperWorks to create a six-pack carrier for its line of canned craft beer. The Canadian brewer needed a portable, stackable design that would maintain its integrity in a high-moisture environment.

The final carton consists of a base and a separate die-cut handle—both made from unbleached sulfate. According to the Philadelphia-based packaging provider, the base and can partitions naturally fall into position when the previously die-cut structure is pulled open. Once assembled, the carton’s handle can slide up and down vertically.

PaperWorks designed the structure and thickness of the carton so that it could be lifted and carried by its handle. The retractable handle allows the cartons to be stacked on top of each other.

The innovative packaging design received a Judges’ Award from the Paperboard Packaging Council. “A masterful design, this carrier is a testament to the outstanding solutions that emerge when creative design acumen meets the unmatched structural versatility of paperboard,” the Council said.


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