Performance Packaging has announced the development of a new and economical sterilization process for flexible packaging. The company said the patented process—code-named “Pixie Dust”—features ‘liquid-to-gas’ sterilization.

According to the Las Vegas-based company, Pixie Dust can be used to sterilize many flexible packaging formats such as stand-up pouches, bag-in-box, and sealed packages.

Performance Packaging said that some products can be sterilized within the flexible packaging. The company suggested the process for military applications, dental tools and medical devices.

The company highlighted several advantages of Pixie Dust, including its low cost, use of ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ materials, ability to process during storage and shipping and lack of effect on smell and taste.

Dr. Joseph Dunn, vice president of research and development and regulatory affairs, said:

“Regarding specific economic benefits of Pixie Dust, we have dramatically reduced the cost of the sterilization process to an amount of, for example, about one cent of agent will treat approximately 750,000 pouches. In contrast, large volumes of peroxide (such as 250 gallons of very expensive, high-concentration H2O2 and hot, sterile air are required to sterilize a similar number of form-fill-seal packages. Pixie Dust is a cost-saving alternative to traditional shelf-stable methods such as hot-filling, retort processing, peroxide or peracetic baths or sprays, irradiation, pulsed light or electron-beam irradiation.”


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