Eco-friendly food packaging company Vegware has launched a new product line for street food. The Tasting Notes Collection includes coffee cups, hot and cold food containers, a French fry scoop, a carrier bag and napkins.

According to the UK-based company, the packages are made from renewable or recycled materials. Bright, colorful clouds of words such as “Delicious,” “Treat,” “Delicacy” and “Comforting” decorate the packaging. Vegware said it tailored the words to each product.

Sales Director Teresa Suter said:

“We see vivid color everywhere right now—on the high street and in the vibrancy of street food. Plus, even grab and go food needs a great provenance story to attract discerning consumers. Sommeliers write ‘tasting notes’ describing wine flavors—so we designed colorful word clouds describing artisan food to go. We’ve had huge initial interest in this collection from independents and contract caterers alike, keen to get on this trend and compete with the high street.”

Vegware distributes its products throughout Europe and North America, and has operational bases in the UK, the US, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UAE and Hong Kong.

Eco-friendliness seems to be a popular characteristic for on-the-go food packaging. Anchor Packaging and Tri-Star Packaging also released lines of eco-friendly food packaging this year.


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