As the iconic Coca-Cola bottle nears the 100th anniversary of its introduction, the company is testing various package redesign scenarios that unify branding for its canned products – Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coke Zero Zero (sugar and caffeine free.) Previously, Coca-Cola had pursued distinctive branding for each product.

The tests include designs that unite the brands via elements from its signature script logo on a field of red to its ‘ribbon’ underscore. According to an article by Mark Wilson in “Fast Company,” the rebranding initiative is in response to changing consumer tastes that are increasingly moving from sweet drinks (natural or artificial) and sodas.

Coca-Cola is testing the designs in 11 European markets and the U.S.

And speaking of Coke in cans, to commemorate its centennial, Coca-Cola has commissioned Ardagh Group to create a limited edition aluminum version of its original bottle. The bottle, printed with a number of label designs will be available in European and Asian markets.


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