E. & J. Gallo Winery needed bottle packaging that would showcase the visual effects of its Viniq Premium Shimmery Liqueur. The liqueur mixes a fusion of premium vodka, Moscato wine and natural fruit flavors with a pearlescent pigment that produces a shimmering swirl effect. The pigment is the same ingredient found in food products like frosting and rock candy.

The E. & J. Gallo marketing team said it wanted bottle packaging that would accentuate the product’s shimmery effect and catch the consumer’s attention at shelf. The clear glass bottle they selected has a tall, slender, tapered shape and minimal screen printed graphics. The design prominently features the Viniq name in a white font, displayed in the center of the bottle.

The marketing team said:

“The graphic design was informed by the swirl of the product. The label is defined by sweeping waves of color. Everything about the package—the tall bottle, the premium screen print, and the gorgeous exemplifies the beauty of the product itself.”

Viniq Premium Shimmery Liqueur comes in two varieties, Original and Ruby.

h/t: http://www.packworld.com/package-design/strategy/elegant-glass-bottle-enhances-shimmering-liqueurs

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