UK-based Horse Studio has teamed up with illustrator Brett Ryder to create packaging for a new line of mineral water from China-based Nongfu Spring.

Horse drew packaging inspiration from the local wildlife and landscape of the nature reserve where the water is sourced. The source is Moya Spring, located at the northern edge of Changbai Mountain in Lushuihe National Forest Park.

Horse commissioned Ryder to design a fantastical illustration for each season. The bottle labels feature the Asiatic grass frog (spring), the red deer and red-crowned crane (autumn), the Ussuri brown bear (autumn) and the Eurasian lynx (winter). All labels also feature flowers and plants from the region.

Horse co-founder Sarah Pidgeon said:

“[The National Park] is a very beautiful volcanic region and home to a number of protected wild animal and plant species, some now extremely rare. Because the product is targeted at young people, we felt very conscious of the importance of highlighting protected species. We wanted to try and use this as an educational tool about valuing natural wonders like the Changbai Mountain region, in a way that would appeal. Crucially, we didn’t want the illustrations to be literal; they had to be really imaginative and fantastical to express how bursting with the life the source is.”


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