presented by BLUE Software is a fresh, new information portal for the global packaging community. It’s based on the premise that, today, packaging is a c-level conversation. It’s inspired by and dedicated to the talented packaging professionals we’ve come to know. They are creatives, innovators, impeccable managers of highly complex processes, brand advocates, industry experts and – as we call them with great respect, packaging heroes.

All of us involved in creating and managing packaging at every level know that packaging is strategic as well as tactical. It touches almost every part of the business. Most important, it’s the last face your brand presents to your customer before purchase.

Packaging has ROI impact, but as a holistic entity, it has yet to be elevated to a commensurate seat at the table. Packaging and the many professionals who deliver it are to a large extent unsung heroes. Our aim is to help you change that. does that in a number of ways:

  • Keeps you informed. curates news from around the global packaging industry via original synopses with links to the sources. One-stop shopping for the day-to-day intelligence you want and need.
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