For 2015, Champagne Lanson has repeated its 2014 promotional packaging for Wimbledon, the world’s oldest—and arguably most prestigious—tennis tournament. The brands Wimbledon sponsorship dates back two-and-a-half decades, and the promotions help boost Lanson Black Label sales through the summer.

The bottle’s on-pack neoprene pouch features the official Wimbledon championship logo. The pouch’s neon color and white accents emulate a classic tennis ball design. Additional Wimbledon-inspired merchandise and point-of-purchase displays support the promotion.

Designed to help boost the French champagne’s profile in travel retail, the limited edition packaging is available at Aelia Duty Free in London City and Luton throughout July and August.

Lanson Export Director Olivier de La Giraudiere said:

“Our partnership with Wimbledon stretches back for over 25 years, it is something we are extremely proud of and we of course want to use it as much as possible to boost our profile. Last year saw us use a similar on-pack neoprene pouch promotion for travel retail, and we saw positive results so we thought that running it again this year made strategic sense.”


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