Celestial Seasonings has revamped its brand identity while maintaining its eco-friendly packaging. The company has updated the packaging of more than 100 tea varieties. The packaging sports a new logo designed to reflect the company’s heritage.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tom Arcuri said:

“We’re excited to introduce our refreshed packaging to consumers since we think the new boxes are an even better reflection of the Celestial Seasonings goodness inside. We kept the elements that our consumers loved from our previous boxes and built upon them to appeal to an even wider audience.”

The new design continues the Celestial Seasoning’s commitment to eco-friendly packaging. According to the company, it saves 3.5 million pounds of landfill material every year by forgoing strings, staples and individual wrappers for its tea bags.

As sustainability awareness increases, consumers care more and more about eco-friendly packaging for the products they buy. As a result, more and more companies like Celestial Seasonings have been launching redesigns that tout sustainable packaging as a new and worthwhile feature.

Celestial Seasonings has already begun rolling out the new packaging for some of its tea varieties. The new packaging for the full tea collection will be available at retail this fall.

h/t: http://www.packagedesignmag.com/content/celestial-seasonings-maintains-eco-friendly-product-with-redesign

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