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A partnership between the brewing company Carlsberg and molded-fiber packaging supplier ecoXpac has resulted in plans for a new biodegradable, wood-fiber beverage bottle.

The eco friendly beverage packaging is expected to be released in 2018. Carlsberg announced the project, called the Green Fiber Bottle initiative, at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2015 in Davos, Switzerland. The project is being conducted under the supervision of the Carlsberg Circular Community, a collaboration platform through which Carlsberg and selected partners develop and market new products using cradle-to-cradle principles with a goal of zero waste.

The concept is to create a sustainably sourced and 100 percent biodegradable beverage bottle to contain beer and carbonated soft drinks, according to Jim Daniell, international media relations director at Carlsberg.
While it’s still too early to know many details of what the finished product will look like, one obvious design element is an opaque container. The use of a wood fiber will have practical purposes for serving beer, as exposure to sunlight results in the beverage becoming what is commonly referred to as “skunked”.



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