Taxi Studio has redesigned the visual packaging and brand identity for Carlsberg beer, the flagship brand in Carlsberg Group’s portfolio.

Over an 18-month period, Taxi Studio worked with Carlsberg’s senior brand management and internal design team. The UK-based design agency decided to emphasize the brand’s hop leaf icon. Appearing on the beer’s labels for over a century, the leaf is an important—if not the most important—part of the brand’s equity. The designers emphasized the leaf across all lines, extensions, sub-brands and POS materials.

Taxi Studio also updated design details to emphasize the beer’s heritage and premium quality. Taxi Studio founder Spencer Buck collaborated with Carlsberg’s design team to create a proprietary typeface and ‘Probably’ logo.

Each sub-brand retains key design elements of previous designs in order to remain recognizable. Every sub-brand features the hop leaf to unify the brand portfolio.

The Denmark-based company said it sells its flagship beer in over 150 markets worldwide.

Spencer Buck said:

“We’re delighted with the outcome, it’s been a challenging and fun journey over the past 18 months or so, and many miles clocked up flitting between Bristol and Denmark. This new direction is a sensitive evolution on the core Carlsberg brand, it wasn’t ‘broken’ strictly speaking… however in order for the brand to be more distinctive on shelf, and consistent on a global basis, there was a definite need to simplify and premiumize.”


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