It’s no secret America has a problem with obesity. How we should go about solving that problem, however, is anyone’s guess.

To determine whether the inclusion of nutritional labeling on food and non-alcoholic beverages packaging would encourage healthier consumption, a team of researchers recently analyzed 28 studies—21 of them from the United States—to see whether there’s a link between nutritional information and decision-making.

According to the researchers’ findings, it turns out there is.

One way to combat obesity, the researchers propose, might be by including nutritional information—and energy (i.e., caloric) information, in particular—on restaurant menus and food and beverage packaging. Data suggests, albeit slightly, that we make healthier decisions when we’re able to see how many calories we’d consume by eating or drinking certain items.

That said, the researchers agree that more real-world studies are needed in order to make more definitive conclusions. To learn more about the study’s methodology and findings, read the abstract.

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