Saltwater Brewery has announced a canned version of its Screamin’ Reels IPA.

The Delray Beach, Florida company said that six packs of the cans are available at liquor and grocery stores from Sebastian to Key West, Florida. It has plans to expand to Orlando and northern Florida. Saltwater Brewery also said it sells cans of Screamin’ Reels at the Miami Dolphins stadium.

“We take pride in canning our beer,” said Head Brewer Dustin Jeffers. “Cans are lighter, more easily transported and won’t shatter when dropped. Craft beer in a can maintains its quality as it’s not spoiled by light, and keeps the beer fresher in an airtight and oxygen-free environment.”

Jeffers’ sentiments echo those of the Can Manufacturers Institute, which recently launched a campaign promoting the aluminum can as the best choice for beverage packaging. Even a bottled water producer now offers its product in eco-friendly cans. According to a recent report, the aluminum can is the most recycled beverage container.

Saltwater Brewery characterizes Screamin’ Reels as a tropical and hoppy IPA. It plans to can more of its beers in the future, including Sea Cow Milk Stout and Wheat Wave.


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