Celebrity chef Fabio Viviani needed brand identity and packaging for his new line of cooking products. Branding agency Parham Santana set off to create branded packaging that would unite the products and the personality.

Parham Santana and Viviani’s licensing agency, the Joester Loria Group, developed a style guide—a set of branding elements—that could be transferred to a variety of products and packaging. After interviewing the chef, the design agency concluded that he liked bold typography, the color black and a rural aesthetic. The team designed the food graphics to look rustic and tasty.

Parham Santana took inspiration from Viviani’s line of wines that already exist on the market. The designers created an “FV” monogram logo similar to the monogram found on the wine labels. The designers surrounded the monogram with a seal that reads, “Fabulous Food Made Easy” in all-capital letters.

The packaging also features the chef’s name in all lowercase letters with the tagline, “Since 1978”—the year Viviani was born. This design element appears in white font against a black background on the top of the packaging. Quotes from the chef appear on some of packages.

The packages use the colors red and green—a nod to Viviani’s Italian heritage. However, since he trained in other parts of the world, the agency designed the packaging to also work with international cuisine.

“It really showcases the product on the packaging,” Debra Joester, President and CEO of the Joester Loria Group, said. “These elements fit together very nicely, so it really pops off the shelf. If there are a number of SKUs, this way they fit together nicely.”

h/t: http://www.packagedesignmag.com/content/agency-builds-visual-identity-for-fabio-viviani

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