3 Benefits of Using Brand Packaging Software 

When it comes to your business operations and processes, you likely have a multitude of resources that you utilize every day. At some point — especially as your business continues to grow — the number of tools, processes, and software can get to be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true for your packaging process.

Would life be easier if you stopped using excel sheets for project statuses and packaging specs, CAD dielines, and multiple Adobe files? We’re willing to guess yes, it would be a lot easier. 

Streamlining your process and putting it into a single source of truth helps improve your packaging process and help you eliminate some of those more tedious activities from your day-to-day work. 

Just how much can it improve your process, though? 

To show you just how drastically brand packaging software can be, let’s talk about three benefits to adopting packaging solutions.

Streamlined Integration

One of the best benefits of sourcing all your packaging tools from one company is that it allows for a more streamlined, cohesive process. The best packaging technology companies ensure that all of their software integrates seamlessly. 

One issue with using software that doesn’t perfectly integrate is that sometimes some of the smaller design details may be lost as they move from one software to another. In addition to this, it may be time-consuming or more complicated than it needs to be when it comes to transferring files from one software to another. 

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However, by using solutions from one packaging management software provider, you can help avoid these issues. 

For example, Esko’s Cape Pack software integrates with ArtiosCAD — which is crucial for optimizing your packaging process. 

ArtiosCAD allows you to turn your packaging ideas into structural 2D and 3D CAD designs. Meanwhile, Cape Pack lets you determine your primary product size for shipping, create new case sizes, and build efficient pallet patterns. 

Once your done designing your package structure, you can easily integrate that structure into Cape Pack to determine how much product can fit on to a single pallet and how pallets can be organized for distribution. 

And all Esko software integrates into WebCenter — a SaaS cloud packaging management solution that tracks your project from concept to creation.

Using a robust, single source of truth software will help your process become more efficient. You and your team will spend less time trying to convert and access files, and you won’t have to worry about losing some of the quality of your work as it transfers from one platform to another. 

Consistent Customer Support

A bonus of using a single provider for your brand packaging software and tools is that you’ll receive consistent customer support. 

Not to mention that once you start implementing systems into your processes, it’ll go much, much smoother when you’re working with one team instead of multiple teams from multiple providers. 

So, instead of hopping from one support team to another on the phone when trying to get things set up or attempting to resolve an issue, you can tackle any roadblocks with ease when your software is sourced from one company. 

Sustained and Prosperous Partnership 

Your brand packaging software vendors should be more than just a vendor; they should be a partner that is invested in your success. By going with a single company for all your packaging tool needs, you can get just that — a partnership. 

The alternative to not having a partnership is working with multiple packaging software suppliers who see you more like a number on their sales spreadsheets as opposed to an actual person. They are more concerned with their own bottom line and less concerned about how your business is doing. 

When you choose your brand packaging software provider, pick one that actually cares about your company. The idea of a partnership is that the two parties are in it together. In other words, your success is their success.

Why Choosing Esko For All Your Packaging Needs is the Right Solution

Esko solutions are used in everything from packaging management, asset management, artwork creation, and 3D visualization to supply chain collaboration. 

For Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies, there are five main solutions that will help streamline your packaging operations: 

ArtiosCAD – Design parametrically perfect CAD designs (in 2D or 3D) with ArtiosCAD. 

Studio – An Adobe Illustrator plug-in, Studio allows you to turn your brand’s designs into 3D images, as well as the ability to view them in virtual reality. 

WebCenter – WebCenter is your all in one, label and artwork packaging management software that will assist you in managing specifications, artwork approvals, and project life cycles in one centralized location. 

MediaBeacon – MediaBeacon is a flexible, centralized, secure, web-based digital warehouse for all your assets. This includes artwork, graphics, logos, images, and packaging assets.

Cape Pack – Your go-to palletization software that will help you reduce your costs and increase your sustainability by reducing waste by determining case size and pallet load. 

To start a partnership with Esko, contact us today

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