Brand design agency Hornall Anderson has redesigned Jamie Oliver’s brand packaging for his lines of food products and kitchenware. The branding and design agency collaborated with the celebrity chef’s in-house team to create packaging that facilitates variety, but also unites the products under a single identity.

The packaging for the brand’s good, better and best lines conveys three different price points. These three lines include thousands of products, including pasta sauces, fish cakes and condiments.

“We wanted Jamie’s passion and personality to resonate on every product,” said Kerri Palmer, Head of Brand Licensing Food at Jamie Oliver.

The collection of packages features eight different typefaces and about 50 different photos of Oliver in a variety of outfits. According to Hornall Anderson, hand-drawn features give an artisan feeling to the packaging.

Several similarities can be seen between this packaging and celebrity chef Fabio Viviani’s brand packaging. Like Oliver’s packaging, Viviani’s was designed to unite all of his products under a single name. Both designs prominently feature photos of the celebrities, as well as visual packaging elements that reflect their personalities and cooking styles.


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