San Diego craft beer Ballast Point has refreshed its brand and packaging with a simplified design.

Brand agency MiresBall refined the brewery’s package designs. The San Diego agency used a new tagline, “Dedicated to the craft,” as a starting point, letting it drive the rest of the brand’s packaging changes. The agency simplified the packaging by removing elements it deemed too distracting. It aimed to create a cohesive look that could be applied to Ballast Point’s beer, spirits and home brew retail center.

According to Scott Mires, partner and creative director of MiresBall, the original Ballast Point packaging design had several positive elements, including its familiar sextant graphic and Paul Elder illustrations. However, the combination made all of the individual elements difficult to see and read. So MiresBall designed the new packaging to be more uniform and “billboard-like.”

The agency increased the size and boldness of the package’s typography. It changed the shape of the frame to provide a better display for its fish illustrations. MiresBall also refined the package’s color palette and other images “to increase the impact of the art and play up the sense of desire,” Mires said.


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