Embracing a style reminiscent of a 1950’s go-go bar, BJ Hooker’s Handmade Premium Vodka has introduced a bold new bottle design. The bottle features what’s known as Applied Ceramic Labeling (ACL) to give their logo a unique 3D effect. The more muted gray and white background resembles mid-twentieth century newspaper bar ads. The 360 labeling features four colors, which draw the attention of consumers thanks to the striking ACL effects. A modern interpretation of classic barroom Americana, BJ Hooker’s believes their revamped bottle will help them stand out on retail shelves.

Wanting a label design that accentuated their trademark image of fun, old school Americana BJ Hooker’s called upon Berlin Packaging and Studio One Eleven, its design division. Aside from the eye-popping label art, Berlin Packaging also added the word “cheers” and two prominent call outs to its home state of Texas – one embossed on the bottle’s raised shoulder, the other debossed on the back of the bottle.

BJ Hooker’s Vodka was founded in 2012 when they began using their unique distillation process. Instead of making their vodka from the more commonly used red wheat or corn, BJ Hooker’s uses Soft Winder Wheat, distilled using a hybrid pot still. But their retro labeling might not be just a lark. According to their colorful company backstory, BJ Hooker’s roots date back to the prohibition era when William J. Hooker distilled vodka from his own wheat for “medical purposes.” Though technically illegal, Hooker sold his recipe throughout the South, gaining acclaim and a hard-won reputation. True story? According to a www.khou.com interview, founders Wade and Stuart Jones founded the company after doing a google search on how to distil vodka, ultimately naming it after their father, BJ, who liked to fish, hence the name “Hooker.”

h/t: http://www.packworld.com/package-design/graphic/texas-vodka-distiller-uses-retro-bar-imagery-bottle-redesign




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