Best 5 Packaging Innovations for 2022

Many initiatives have been taken to make packaging eco-friendlier, sustainable, and smarter. But ever since Covid-19, when people were confined to their homes, consumers began to rely on online shopping. Even after covid, people are preferring online shopping which has resulted in the production of a massive amount of packaging waste. So, to counter this threat posed by packaging, start-up, and business are coming up with innovations to streamline the packaging process and reduce the waste produced. Businesses have also realized that packaging is an essential part of customer experience, hence using smart packaging is essential to boost brand value and maintain customer loyalty.

You can look into this guide to learn about the various innovation that is being introduced in packaging.

Internet of packaging

Internet of packaging

One of the packaging trends that is disrupting the traditional packaging process is the internet of packaging. Through this process, the consumers can contact the companies using smart labels, QR codes, NFC chips, and RFID. The companies can further enhance this system by using augmented reality through which the companies can engage with the customers; give them coupon codes or video instructions. IoT devices will enable consumers to get real-time protection information. This technology is much safer and authorization compared to the traditional ones.

Biodegradable packaging

Since we are living in a world of highly conscious consumers, sustainable packaging is going to spread its wings in 2022. Having sustainable and eco-friendly packaging will protect the environment and will also help in boosting the brand image.

Due to their massive scope, many companies are using biodegradable materials for packing. Companies can use sustainable packaging options like paper voidfill and reinforced self-adhesive kraft tape. For instance, the food industry is adopting various biodegradable options like Glass containers, bamboo packaging, and products made of rice husks.


By 2022, businesses are going to break away from using excessive materials in packaging. Instead of using more material for packaging, using minimum items for packing will reduce waste.

Recyclable Packaging

Another trend that is going to dominate the packaging industry is recycling. Today, many companies are encouraging their consumers to recycle their products. As we know, recycling is one of the most traditional ways to protect the environment and reduce waste. Due to the rise of plastic waste at an uncontrollable rate, business is focusing on recyclable packing materials.

Recyclable Packaging


Customizing and personalizing the packaging is going to be another trend in packaging. Personalizing the products will make your packaging attractive and is also an impressive way to attract the audience. Various studies show that personalized and customized packaging is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship with your customer and is a good way to improve customer loyalty.

Packaging plays a vital role in improving customer experience. So, you can adopt these smart and efficient packaging options to strengthen your business and improve your brand value.

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