Beck’s appointed design agency BBDO Berlin to design unique beer packaging that would attract young consumers to the brand.

BBDO created a design based on the theory that people enjoy scratching the necks of beer bottles. The limited edition Scratchbottle features an aluminum-based wrapper that can be scratched off with fingernails, revealing the green bottle underneath. BBDO said the design provides a canvas for consumers to scratch their own doodles. The effect is even more pronounced when backlit.

Ironically, the bottleneck label appears to be the only part of the wrapper not made of the scratch-off material. Instead, the black label displays Beck’s iconic key logo and the hash tag ‘Scratchbottle,’ encouraging drinkers to share their works of art on social media.

A promotional video shows off several scratch designs along with the tagline, “Designed by your night out.”

Earlier this year, the Anheuser-Busch InBev-owned brand launched a set of premium beers with special rotrogravure printed paper labels. The labels feature a combination of gloss and matte varnishes to create a tactile finish.


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