Perio, Inc. has teamed up with Crown Aerosols North America to create limited edition “Jurassic World” promotional packaging for its Barbasol brand shaving cream.

Dinosaurs might seem like an odd theme for health and beauty packaging, but Barbasol has a history with the franchise. In the original 1993 “Jurassic Park” film, a Barbasol can was used to smuggle dinosaur embryos from the amusement park.

“Not only are we thrilled about our partnership with Universal Pictures to celebrate the new ‘Jurassic World’ film, but we are also excited to work with Crown to capture these unique designs on our cans,” said Sarah Paulson, Brand Manager with Perio, Inc.

The can designs maintain the shaving cream brand’s barbershop stripes. The two varieties feature dinosaur graphics illustrated by Mark Englert, who created “Jurassic World” movie posters for last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Crown’s Midwest Graphics Lithography Center worked closely with Perio to integrate the Pteranodons and Velociraptors with Barbasol’s classic stripes.

The International Metal Decorators Association (IMDA) recognized the Barbasol limited edition packaging with a 2015 IMDA Award of Excellence in its annual Print Quality Contest.


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