The Hardy Boys agency and THB Disturbance have teamed up to create a novel snack packaging concept. When consumers eat edamame, the beans pop out of their pods and leave behind an inedible and fiber-rich shuck. Why not use these to create packaging for more edamame snacks?

Hardy Boys and THB Disturbance created the ‘One Smart Bean’ pod-based snack packaging to revolutionize fast food and educate consumers about health and sustainability. The team made the packaging for The Edamame Development Program’s ‘The Fair Food Company,’ an initiative that provides healthier alternatives to junk food, specifically at public events in South Africa.

The team said:

“For The Fair Food Company’s Edamame beans, we designed a take-away box to be good. The leftover pods from the beans collect in the box itself. The boxes and pods are collected from recycle bins and milled to make paper. The paper is used to make more boxes and so on—a small way to help the planet.”

Graphics of smiling beans decorate the containers. Text explains how the discarded shucks will be recycled into new packaging. The black, white and green graphics use vegetable-based inks. The bold text, personified beans and puns all contribute to the container’s modern, forward-thinking design. According to the designers, a product line of corporate stationary was also made from the soy-based paper.


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