Once a package leaves the factory, it embarks on a mysterious journey from point A to point B. And while it’s not necessarily important to know whether a pair of pants, for example, got exposed to unusually high or low temperatures during the shipping process, pharmaceuticals and foods are different. With many pharma and food products, it’s crucial that they are kept in a temperature controlled environment throughout the shipping process. Avery Dennison’s new TT Sensor Plus™ Temperature Monitor offers a cost-effective, easy and dependable way to track the temperatures that perishable products are exposed to during their supply chain journey.

The new TT Sensor Plus™ is about the size of a credit card and comes with three layers, an adhesive layer, to help you apply it to the packaging, a functional layer with battery, a temperature sensor and Near Field Communications (NFC) that can be easily read by a smart device. Before shipping, the TT Sensor Plus™ can simply be applied to the secondary packaging and it’s ready to go. As it’s shipped, the TT Sensor Plus™ logs temperatures every step of the way at user-defined intervals. To check on these logs, a user simply has to open the TT Sensor Plus™ app on their smart device. Information can be viewed in two options: as a graph, a more detailed overview, which can then be emailed to other people throughout the supply chain.

Providing manufacturers and brand owners with accurate time stamped temperature readings can significantly help expose flaws in the supply chain, protect themselves from money lost as the result of spoiled product and ensure that customers are getting a product that is to their satisfaction.

h/t: http://www.lifescienceslogistics.com/logistics/temp-control-packaging/avery-dennison-sensor-plus-temperature-monitor

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