Henkel Corp. has developed an auto-dosing packaging design for its new Purex PowerShot concentrated liquid laundry detergent. The packaging was designed to help consumers measure the correct amount of laundry detergent.

Turning the package upside down automatically fills the closure with one ounce of detergent—the amount needed for one average load of laundry, according to Henkel. The company suggests using two doses for large and extra-dirty loads.

Before its first use, the auto-dosing mechanism must be primed by turning the unopened bottle upside down. After priming, the consumer opens the bottle’s flip-top lid and once again inverts the bottle to release the pre-measured dose into the washing machine. As the bottle disperses the initial dose, the auto-dosing chamber automatically fills with detergent for the next use.

The closure contains a round label that provides a safety warning, along with use instructions via text and graphics. The bottle and the closure are translucent, allowing the consumer to see the amount of remaining product as well as the detergent held in the auto-dosing chamber.

Purex PowerShot detergent, launched earlier this year, is available in two fragrances—Mountain Breeze and Linen & Lilies.

h/t: http://www.packagingdigest.com/packaging-design/purex-powershot-closure-makes-detergent-dosing-easy-and-exact1505

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