Danielle Sauvé

About the Author Danielle Sauvé

Danielle Sauve is currently the VP of Marketing for Esko, where she is the first female business leader on the executive team. She recently relocated herself and her family to Ghent, Belgium, where Esko has its global headquarters. Previously, Sauvé was the Marketing Director for Danaher’s Product Identification platform of companies including Pantone, Esko, X-Rite, and AVT. In this role, she was responsible for presenting the platform of companies as a unified set of technology solutions for marketing and design departments at Consumer Packaged Goods, Life Sciences and Retail companies, as well as their packaging suppliers. Leveraging her 16-year career in different parts of the value chain, she created The Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging along with customers as a roadmap for adopting technology to transform the packaging process delivering higher quality and faster speed to market. As Chief Architect of the model, Sauvé helps companies to assess their level of digital maturity and establish a roadmap to leverage more digital capabilities over time. Mainly because of the Digital Maturity Model, Sauvé spoke at 13 events in 8 different cities around the US and Europe in 2018. She authored bylines for Chief Martec, The Dieline, Packaging Digest, Brand Packaging, Consumer Goods Technology, and MediaPost. More recently, she was invited to appear and demonstrate some of the latest packaging technologies (such as augmented and virtual reality) at TedEx Chicago.