Citing a World Health Organization statement, Taaneh, a company that focuses on drug authentication, said that global sales of counterfeit drugs are on the rise. According to the company, diamond particles can be used to create anti-counterfeit technology for drug packaging.

Taaneh CEO Andrew Janoff, Ph.D., said that diamond powder can authenticate a product at any point in the supply chain. The inexpensive material blends into inks used in labeling and printing, Janoff added. Taaneh said that other forms of anti-counterfeit technology such as serialization, color-coding and imprinting can be readily duplicated. These methods don’t solve how to track both packaging and product.

According to Janoff, as an inert substance, diamond powder can be added to drug formulations in addition to the packaging materials. Diamonds emit unique spectral signatures when exposed to certain light, and these special signatures can be checked with a handheld scanner, he said.

Janoff said:

“There is no requirement for additional artwork or need for additional space. Adding diamond powder into industrial ink does not require specialized equipment and can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into most existing label and package production protocols. After the desired concentration of diamond powder is mixed into the ink before printing, all packaging and labeling processes can continue as usual without alterations or costly modifications to production procedures.”


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