The creative packaging of Anheuser-Busch’s Oculto (“hidden”) was designed around the beer’s concepts of mystery and discovery. Consumers uncover more sensory design details as they interact with the bottle.

The first surprise appears on the mask-shaped label when the bottle is chilled. Thermochromic inks on the back label reveal an eye design that can only be seen when the bottle is cold. If the consumer warms the label by touch, the eyes fade away into a different design.

The bottle also integrates embossing on the shoulder and neck, as well as tactile ink on the labels. The company claims that these tactile design choices create a unique feel.

Anheuser-Busch’s Innovation Team said:

“The goal of each of the packaging innovations/features, including the intricate and tactical elements, is to really bring the brand to life at the shelf and personify the product. It was important to deliver this positioning in the aisle and really make the product stand out to the consumer.”


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