Richmond, Virginia-based Health Warrior has unveiled modern packaging for its new Chia Protein Bar. The design aims to bridge ancient civilizations and the modern world.

Denver-based design agency LRXD needed to create packaging that differentiated the new bar from the brand’s original 100-calorie bar, but still position it as a Health Warrior product. The packaging also had to convey a message of all-natural, “real food” ingredients.

LRXD CEO Kelly Reedy said, “The creative needed to reflect Health Warrior’s spirited, authentic, aspirational, motivational, passionate, gritty, and humble core values and appeal to its sweet spot of female buyers.”

Health Warrior acknowledged an issue with its original product’s packaging—consumers mistook “Chia Bar” for the brand name because the actual logo was too small. To avoid the mix-up on the new product, LRXD rotated the words “Chia Bar” to 90 degrees—emphasizing the actual brand name.

The packaging features turquoise text against an ecru-colored background. A colorful line at the bottom of the wrapper distinguishes each of the line’s four varieties—gold for Lemon Goldenberry, brown for Dark Chocolate Coconut Sea Salt, terra cotta for Peanut Butter Cacao and yellow for Honey Almond. According to LRXD, the colors also communicate the bars’ health benefits—gluten-free, rich in omega-3 and high in fiber.


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