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According to a new report from The Aluminum Association and the Can Manufacturers Institute, aluminum cans are the most recycled packaging among beverage containers. The study also reports that the aluminum can contains 70 percent recycled content on average—more than three times that of glass or PET bottles.

According to the report, recycled aluminum can material is worth nearly 300 percent more per ton than plastic or glass, and aluminum cans are more than 15 times lighter than standard 12-ounce glass bottles.

The report valued the aluminum industry recycling rate at 66.5 percent in 2014—an improvement over the 54.1 percent rate in 2008. The Aluminum Association attributed the rising rate to the combination of an increase in domestic consumer recycling and increased industry recycling of imported can scrap.

President and CEO of The Aluminum Association Heidi Brock said:

“This new report confirms that aluminum cans are recycled by U.S. consumers at rates more than 20 points higher than that of other beverage containers, making them the sustainable package of choice. Cans are recycled at the highest rates, and drive recycling programs across the country because of the high value of aluminum compared to other packaging materials.”


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