Blue Star Foods, a Miami-based foodservice company, appointed The CLIP Group to create a custom packaging design for its premium crab meat brand Oceanica.

The CLIP Group has developed its own design process, which consists of three core tools. ‘Vision TM’ allows the design team to identify its client’s vision and objectives. ‘Logic TM’ encompasses everything needed to actually run the project. ‘Emotion TM’ centers on making brands memorable to consumers.

The UK-based design agency said it considered Blue Star Food’s requests as well as market conditions while creating the new custom packaging design. The client specified that the name Oceanica and the packaging nets remain unchanged. Beyond those constraints, Blue Star Foods wanted a design that would reflect the brand’s gourmet, premium quality.

Anish Mistry, creative director at The CLIP Group, said:

“The client required branding and packaging for a premium product that was focused towards mainly independent restaurants. To have so much creative freedom for a foodservice product was a great opportunity for us to be pioneering. We needed to ensure the colors, typography and the feel of the brand and packaging was high end whilst also ensuring that the key messages of the product were also portrayed. We had to create a visual brand with enough impact to engage with foodservice clients.”


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