In what appears to be a growing trend in the alcohol packaging market, several alcoholic beverage companies have made a foray into more sustainable packaging options for their products. Brands like Heineken and Carlsberg are adopting new more environmentally friendly packaging, like sustainable stand-up pouches to give consumers a more appealing, eco-friendly option.

While some beer drinkers may find the concept of pouring beer from a pouch to be a bit unusual, Global Alcoholic Packaging Market 2016-2020 reports that the increased usage of sustainable packaging will be a driving force for market growth. Alcoholic beverage manufacturers who are looking for new packaging techniques that will preserve the quality of packaged alcoholic beverages might want to take notice, the global stand-up pouch market was valued at $6.03 billion in 2014. And pouch packaging is expected to make at least a moderate increase in the growth of the alcoholic beverage packaging market during the 2016-2020 period.

From a sustainability perspective, the stand-up pouch is recyclable, which also offers a payoff for manufacturers. Their ability to use recycled materials in developing new pouches shields them for the growing price of plastic resins and paper pulp. It also answers the need for lighter weight packaging options. Experts feel that these factors offer a competitive advantage for alcohol manufacturers willing to adopt eco-friendly options.


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