This week, Austin Beerworks released limited edition 99-packs of Peacemaker Anytime Ale for $99.99. Bottled in standard 12 oz. cans, the packaging itself is a “massive 7-foot long cardboard case.” Available only in Austin, the company has also released a commercial-style video explaining the move. “Good luck getting ’em home. You’re going to need to bring a friend,” says the video’s narrator while the actors in the video wreak accidental havoc in a convenience store before driving off with the case sticking out of both backseat windows. While perhaps more of a joke gone too far than a truly innovative idea, packaging fans will enjoy the ten-second clip of the video where they explore initial packaging ideas, including a U.S.A.-shaped box and inexplicable 41-pack—42, once they tape an extra can to the side.

99-beer package doesn't fit in car

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