Convenience retailer 7-Eleven Inc. has introduced two premium, better-for-you snack bars under the private-label banner, 7-Select GO!Smart. The GO!Smart bars are part of 7-Eleven’s growing 7-Select collection of high-quality, health oriented snacks and are targeted to 20-something consumers. The two varieties—Cranberry Cashew and Pistachio and Mixed Berries—are made with all-natural ingredients such as agave and brown rice syrups.
The new packaging features a transparent window allowing a view of the product. For brand recognition, the packaging keeps the retailer’s green and white color scheme.
7-Eleven has been working to grow its private-label product line for nearly a decade, and hosted a private-label summit in 2009. Other 7-Eleven 7-Select items introduced since then include candy, potato chips, over-the-counter drugs, ice cream, sodas, baked goods, and wine.
On the 7-Eleven company website, the 7-Select page offers promotions and an app, stating:

“We want you to like us. A lot. So in the process of severely sucking up, we developed a product line that includes all your favorites. All high quality. All at a great price. Who needs national brands when you can be BFFs with 7-Select and have money left over to take us to dinner? Please?”



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