With so many different types of wines distributed throughout the world, it’s difficult for brands to stand out from the rest. So many factors go into purchasing a bottle of wine: origin, type, taste, ingredients, but with today’s millennials, the main factor is the label. Studies show that labels make up 71% of young adults’ buying decision. The question is: how do these creative wine brands and label designs beat out the competition?


How Your Label Can Speak to Millennials

Quartz, who surveyed young adults on the types of wines they tend to buy, came to the conclusion that, “the top wine labels delivered on the characteristics wine drinkers say they like: eye-catching, unique, stylish, creative, clever, and colorful.” Taking the next step in your label design can help your wine brand and label design stand out to the next generation of buyers.  Here are 10 brands that put unique creativity into their wine labels.



19 Crimes

19 Crimes is a brand that creates an interactive experience with customers. Each wine features one British criminal sentenced to exile in Australia for committing one of 19 Crimes.  If customers download the app, Living Wine Labels, they can interact with the story of the featured wine they purchased. 19 Crimes is one of the first brands of its kind, inciting curiosity in its customers to download the app and learn more about these true and interesting stories. On top of the interactive experience, this creative wine brand’s labels are unique and eye-catching. Potential buyers can definitely see that there is a story behind this wine.



Root 1: Wines

Root 1: Wines was built on a unique origin that helped shape the brand and label. Located in Chile, their grapes are grown both in central valleys and coastlines. “Crafted exclusively from grapes grown on original, ungrafted root systems and produced using sustainable methods, the intense fruit flavors and authentic varietal character of Root: 1 Wines are living proof that character comes from your roots.” The wine label is not only visually unique but also successfully portrays the brand’s message.



Small Talk Vineyards

Small Talk Vineyards based near Niagara Falls, puts a creative twist into each one of their wine labels.  Small Talk themes their wines based on moments at a dinner party or a first date. People’s eyes are drawn to their labels because of the relatable phrases on each wine bottle that possibly bring back memories. These labels are meant to bring back memories or spark conversation, bringing that uncommon spark to their brand.

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Stack Wines

Stack Wines created a whole new way to promote single-packaged wine. Meant for those who like to take their wine to a party without bringing the whole bottle, buyers can simply bring one or a few of the glasses to a party or event. Because this brand and packaging are one of its kind in the wine industry, it can easily strike the buying interest of millennials.



Blossom Cava Sparkling Wine

Blossom Cava Sparkling Wine turns a bottle of wine into a bouquet of flowers. This wine’s label becomes a fun gift to congratulate a friend on her promotion. “The inspiration here was to do a lot with a very little – turning the gift of giving upside down and adding value.” And they did exactly what they sought out to do. This label immediately catches the eye of a potential buyer.


Prophecy Wine

Prophecy Wine brings tarot symbolism to their labels that emulate the personality of their individual wines. The slogan of the Prophecy wine is “See the Unseen. Try the Untried.” The wines are created from around the world in unique, unearthed places, which is an integral component in creating their labels. For example, the pinot noir is the card of The Star, who brings universal blessings. Buyers can connect with the wines because each one tells a different story right from the label.



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