4 Great Packaging Innovation Examples

As the world is moving into a modern era, so is the waste around us! The increased toxic and hazardous waste daily has caused a drastic shift in environmental harm. Hence, in recent times, the government and non-government organizations are taking extreme measures to reduce this pollution and keep our environment safe and secure for future generations.

Packaging innovation is one such method that uses strategies to enhance resource efficiency and reduce waste by using alternative materials to save the environment. Over the years, many techniques have been introduced to meet customer-requirement without compromising environmental safety. This involves company and industrial owner’s turning innovative and stabilizing the supply and demand chain.


4 Great Packaging Innovation Examples

The companies mentioned below have employed bioplastics as plastic alternatives, unique circulation production systems, and many more that anyone can engage in their business.

Configuration model

  • Companies like Souvla are implementing the low-manpower model to increase the demand for fewer employees. The customers directly order at the counter, instead of people waiting on them.
  • According to statistics, people in the US spent almost 600 billion dollars on groceries alone in 2018. Brands like Brandless have come up with solutions to reduce costs and enhance eco-friendly grocery options by providing a solution to order them online.
  • Brew DR, a Portland-based company, uses the zero waste models to use-use and recycles their products to manufacture different products.

Network Model

A competing and popular brand Re-Pizza in China joined forces with other organizations to sell their unused and recyclable products. For instance, they introduced the use of leftover pizzas to make new pizzas with over 200 different flavors available for sale to all kinds of customers in china.

Processing model

  • The processing model is mainly beneficial for food industries like Father Farms, which utilizes new technologies to leverage carbon dioxide for good use, like pasteurizing food. It also uses methods to eliminate the quantity of freezing and artificial preservatives. This reduces the energy used by restaurants by 70%, which may also have significant implications on the supply chain.
  • Popular fast food chains like Pizza Hut are implementing technology-based cooking and delivery models to make and deliver pizza using robots. The main objective of such a model is to reduce preparation costs and enhance productivity. They are also planning on introducing the human-driving vehicle that cooks pizza while on the way to the customer.

Processing model

Consumer engagement model

  • Companies like Club SODA NYC are integrating the effects of alcohol in soda without the alcoholic content. This will reduce the ingredients required to produce alcohol and help promote better health for the consumers.
  • Another important model for millenials is integrating trendy food and social media. If the food and the restaurant take measures to serve the environment, they are featured by famous health bloggers and influences, followed by many worldwide.

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