Christmas. For any brand or design agency, the word might strike a little fear. After all, it is the ultimate packaging and product deadline; there is no moving it. In fact, Christmas is only 8 weeks away! The pressure is on; is your brand and/or agency prepared?

Bernie Bingham, Managing Director at Spark – a global company specializing in brand design, localization and activation – knows all about these pressures and is confident moving into Christmas season, year after year, thanks to Studio.

“We do a lot of work in the gift packaging sector, whether it’s Christmas or other milestones such as a major DVD or game release,” he said. “These products often have a purchasing period of around four to six weeks, so there isn’t much time to maximize return on investment. You have to push the boundaries of creativity, while at the same time ensuring that the product packaging can be manufactured on time.”

Spark has an advantage over many of its competitors because they have all the necessary capabilities under one roof, from the initial pencil sketch through to the final product coming off the production line.

“Because we have all those capabilities in one place, we know what packaging projects can be done within a reasonable time frame and we know where we can push the boundaries,” commented Bingham. “This is where Studio comes into play, it enables us to visualize fit-for-production, photo-realistic packaging prototypes and therefore facilitates and accelerates the design process.”

Seasonal Packaging is No Problem with Esko Studio

Studio is a unique set of tools for 3D packaging design made specifically for packaging artwork professionals. The software is intuitive and powerful, allowing designers to work faster, more creatively and with technical accuracy. It takes away the need for physical mockups. It hugely improves and simplifies the collaboration and communication for everyone involved in the design and development process.

In a field where customers often demand several different concepts to choose from – and need revisions done in quick time too – having the ability to produce realistic 3D renders in a matter of minutes is extremely beneficial.

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“There is a huge amount to be said for being able to visualize packaging and create prototypes early in the process,” explained Bingham. “It gives your creativity the opportunity to flourish without great time, expense and risk, and as such, creative ideas that would normally die in the concept stage are able to see the light of day.”

Read the testimonial to learn more about how Spark Agency uses Esko Studio.

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