Packaging as a function is scattered all over your organization. Your department may work on a facet of packaging, but may not think about the entire process. Here’s how the pieces fit together. With insights and industry knowledge from our operating companies, Pantone, X-Rite, Esko, MediaBeacon, and AVT, we released the “Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging” connecting packaging, marketing and IT departments together and requiring them to think differently about packaging’s impact on the value chain. 

If IT, marketing and packaging departments work together to digitally transform the process, everyone reaps the benefits such as executive support, cost control, risk mitigation, responsiveness, quality and transparency.

The Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging defines the five levels of maturity: Reactive, Organized, Digitized, Connected and Intelligent. Within each level of the model, there are 14 dimensions that better outline concerns, process and delivery capabilities and what motivates a brand to level-up. These dimensions can be a lot to digest, even when viewing them in our supergraphic format (below).

As such, we’ve created a new interactive way to explore the Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging online. You can view the model by level or dimension on the microsite and dig deeper into leadership concerns, process architecture and delivery capabilities, with explanations on what each entails and the benefits. 

Digesting the model in this way makes it easier for you determine what action items can be completed now to see immediate results and what strategies you can implement into future planning. It also creates department accountability and allows for cross-department synergies. Check out the online, interactive experience here:

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